Harvard China Pitch 2017


Starting in 2015, Harvard China Forum has been featuring Harvard China Pitch, a competition that enables entrepreneurs interested in the Chinese market to showcase their business plans and raise funds through the conference. The competition also helps investors, working as judges, discover new investment opportunities and share their opinions on new trends in entrepreneurship.

In 2016, more than 200 business plans were submitted to HCP. Eight teams entered the final round, which featured a lineup of investors including Sheng Xitai (Founder of AngelPlus), Xu Xiaoping (Founder of ZhenFund), Andrew Y. Yan (Managing Partner of SAIF Partners), Li Feng (Founding Partner of FreeS Fund), Long Yu (Founding and Managing Partner of Bertelsmann Asia Investments), Harry Man (Founding Partner of Matrix Partners China), Qu Tian (Partner of BAT Capital), Yuan Yue (Chairman of Dataway Horizon), Xiong Minghua (Founder of 7 Seas Partners), Yang Shoubin (Founder of Fenghou Capital), and Yuan Shuai (Partner at Atom Ventures).

The winner of the 2015 Harvard China Pitch, BrainCo, has raised $540 million in investment. Xtalpi, a cloud-based technology company that provides computational crystal structure prediction for small-molecule drugs, won the 2016 pitch, and has raised over $5 million from investors including Tencent.

Due to popular demand, registration for Harvard China Pitch 2017 is now extended to March 24, 2016.


Tentative Calendar 

February 16, 2017     Registration opens 
March 24, 2017          Proposal submission deadline 
April 7, 2017               Finalist notification Releases 
April 14, 2017             Finalist announcement 
April 22, 2017             Finalist pitches at HCF 2017 (at Harvard Business School) 

All finalists will be invited to present in front of all judges and 1000+ audience at Harvard Business School on April 22, 2017 (Saturday).

 How to Participate 

To register, please complete this online form by 11:59 pm EST on March 19.
Please contact us at pitch@harvardchina.org if you have any questions. 

Guidance on Written Proposals 

 Proposals must meet the following requirements: Clearly state each team member’s name in English (and Chinese if applicable)Contain at most eight pages (in either English or Simplified Chinese) in the format of PPT (saved as PDF). Additional pages will not be read, and teams that violate these requirements may be disqualified.The following questions are intended to guide your thinking, but they are not strictly required. Please structure your proposal in a way that allows you to best present your idea and address the most important issues. 

Sample Overview for Proposal

Problem Statement     
Solution and Technology    
Customer Profile    
Sales and Marketing    
Organization and Management    
Finance and Investment  

Past Judges

As finalists of Harvard China Pitch, you will be able to present your ideas on an unparalleled platform in front of judges who are top investors from China and the U.S. The judges may choose to invest directly in companies of interest. 

Our past judges include (in no particular order):

Xu Xiaoping               Founder, ZhenFund 
Andrew Y. Yan           Managing Partner of SAIF Partners
Harry Man                 Partner, Matrix Partners China
Long Yu                      Founding and Managing Partner of Bertelsmann Asia Investments
Li Feng                        Founding Partner, FreeSFund
Sheng Xitai                 Partner, Angel Plus Li Feng 
Yuan Shuai                 Partner at Atom Ventures
Yang Shoubin             Founder of Fenghou Capital
Xiong Minghua          Founder of 7 Seas Partners
Qu Tian                       Partner of BAT Capital
Yuan Yue                    Chairman of Dataway Horizon


1st Place         $60,000 + tickets to HCF 2018 

2nd Place       $30,000 + tickets to HCF 2018 

3rd Place        $10,000 + tickets to HCF 2018

Sponsor: ZhenFund 

On top of the cash prizes, judges and investors from the audience may choose to directly invest in finalist teams. On April 22, Harvard China Forum will host an attendee mixer where finalist teams will be provided with booths to present their projects to hundreds of Harvard China Forum attendees. 


What Our Participants Say 

What Harvard China Pitch offers to startups is first and foremost its global influence. The XtalPi team is very grateful to have been given the opportunity to present our idea at the competition. We received invaluable feedbacks from top-notch investors, which are very helpful to the development of our company in the future. After the Forum we were promptly invested by HCP judges ZhenFund and FreeS. Organizers of the Forum were extremely thoughtful throughout the process, from arranging rehearsals before, coordinating media coverage at, to organizing recruiting events after the competition.

— Frank Wen,  Founder and CEO of XtalPi (Winner of Harvard China Pitch 2016